Website Usability, Targeted Messages, and Ben Mack

I recently powered through a book I really liked, called Think Two Products Ahead. (Interestingly, I just saw the byline of the book on Amazon and it insinuates it has three authors, not one. Not sure what to derive from that.) It’s an excellent book and I recommend it.

The book was a superb introduction to branding for me, and inspired a load of ideas to test or apply in my business(es). His real, somewhat gritty use of language really jived with me and led me to sign up for his email list on his website. I wanted to hear more from him.

Sadly, this is where my awe for Ben ended. It’s obvious he’s been in cohorts with internet marketers (or direct marketers, as he plainly mentions in the book) as the long copy of the site reveals. This itself isn’t a bad thing, but the difficulty in finding his additional resources sure is. Please, it isn’t just potential customers coming to your site, it’s also REAL customers. Cater to them both.

Make it easy for me to find the resources you mentioned in your book. I am seeking to consume more of your content, to build a wider bridge from me to your personal brand, but you’re making it really hard.

The nails in the coffin are the continuous, completely irrelevant emails I continue to receive (it appeared I had to opt in at the web site to get the additional stuff).

Why did you just email me an affiliate link to meditation? I did not ask for this, nor did I give any indication it would fit with my interests.

And sadly, the emails contain little value beyond mildly interesting copy observations. Every day, a new irrelevant pitch for a product. Every day, my desire to see your name in my inbox or on my book shelf decreases.

This is not the way to build a deeper relationship. And I don’t think this is Thinking Two Products Ahead, either.

It’s time to follow your own advice, dude.


One Response to “Website Usability, Targeted Messages, and Ben Mack”

  1. Ben Mack Says:

    You are absolutely correct.

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